Gregory Attonito is from the great state of New Jersey.  Best known as a founding member and the singer of legendary NJ punk band The Bouncing Souls, Greg is no stranger to the expression of the creative self. With nine full length albums under his belt as a Bouncing Soul, Gregory is an icon when it comes to the artist’s life.  He's always creating, traveling, exploring, drawing, and sharing his vision with the world in one medium or another.  The primary focus of Attonito's work is a mix of architecture, city skylines and nature taken from glimpses of his life on the road.  His line work, textures and bold colors capture an impression of the underlying energy and essence of each place at a particular moment in time.  The balance of clarity and chaos is the constant challenge that drives Attonito.


I really love creating unique, personalized commissions for/with people.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with an idea!  Cost depends on size, detail and the time that goes into each piece.  I'm always willing to work within your budget to create something awesome and special.

Email me anytime with your commission ideas: [email protected]

General Rates

8.5" x 11" on card stock  =  $100-$200

11" x 14" on card stock    =  $150-$350


On Stretched Canvas =  $200 and Up

If you'd like to commission a mural or bigger piece on canvas or any other large surface contact me at [email protected] for an estimate.